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02 August 2015

Underlayments and Leveling compounds

Underlayments and Leveling compounds
Most floor surfaces, from carpet to tile to hardwood, require a flat and level surface to be laid upon. When people think of self leveling compounds the name ARDEX springs to mind. One popular leveling compound made by ARDEX is is ARDEX K-15. This is the original self-leveler in North America. It can be poured over many different surfaces including tile, concrete, epoxy, metal, and even wood! Formulated for interior use, ARDEX K-15 is a cementitious polymer blend that mixes with water. It comes in 55 lb packages and can be installed from 1/8” to 1/2”, and up to 5” when mixed with aggregate. Because of it’s utility, ARDEX K-15 is a very widely recognized, premium, product that we at Cemtec Restoration are intimately familiar with.
Another, spectacular product we use often is ProSpec LW-60. ProSpec LW-60 is both extremely durable and lightweight. This self-leveling underlayment is made with calcium aluminate to give it it’s tough but lightweight characteristics. Walkable in less than 4-hours, this product is an extremely effective underlayment that is both convenient and offers all of the pros of any of its competitors. The biggest advantage to ProSpec LW-60 is the fact that it’s 50% of the weight of most conventional Self-Leveling underlayments. This allows it to be installed in situations where load bearing restrictions apply.

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