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03 August 2015

Surface Prep.

Surface Prep.
The first and most important step to installing any product, or restoring any concrete or cement structure, is properly preparing the work surface. No matter what Cemtec Restoration is doing, properly preparing the work surface is always our top priority. When installing a coating, be it decorative or underlayment, an expertly cleaned, well primed surface is step one. We typically start by checking to see if our area needs to be ran across with a grinder or sander. Most of the time this is the case. Even if Cemtec Restoration is going to pour out a self leveling compound such as ARDEX SV-1200 or ProSpec LW-60, which will typically be underneath traditional flooring, to attain the proper adherence the surface needs to be primed properly and in most cases roughened up a bit.
When proper adhesion is not achieved products will “gas out” or peel, or crack, or some times come up altogether. When sanding or grinding is necessary, there tends to be piles of “dust” composed of the material that is being ground generated from the grinder or sander tearing off micro fragments or “sand”. Cemtec Restoration uses industrial strength vacuums to remove all dust from the area completely before beginning to apply primer. v

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