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05 August 2015

Concrete Resurfacing

Concrete Resurfacing.
Concrete restoration and protection is a key part of what we do at Cemtec Restoration.
One of our main products used for concrete resurfacing is Miracote MPC (Multipurpose Protective Coating). Miracote MPC is a polymerized cementitious protective coating that is designed for both interior and exterior use. It’s an extremely durable protective coating that can be applied over a variety of surfaces. ARDEX CD FINE is another product we can use to fill in the surface defects and damage that define what we do at Cemtec Restoration. Most commonly we use these products as part of the process in which we cover flawed concrete substrates such as pool decks and more. There are various ways in which we restore concrete surfaces. We could simply cover them by adding a new layer of product, or use one of many products that essentially become part of the substrate layer.
Cemtec Restoration uses these products on concrete to resurface damaged or worn substrates. Because of it’s extreme durability, Miracote MPC is ideal to repel water. Likewise, because of it’s cement-like nature ARDEX CD FINE is more likely to be used to restore a commercial pool deck where a diving board or lifeguard tower had been removed and there are divits in the concrete. It’s also “breathable” allows Miracote MPC to transmit moisture and water vapor without blistering or delamination. Concrete restoration is essential in many situations. We use ARDEX CD FINE, and Miracote MPC on driveways, sidewalks, balconies, pool decks, and more. Imaginably, the wide variety of areas in which Cemtec Restoration resurfaces concrete and cement surfaces makes products like this one essential.

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