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Patrick McVeigh


Cemtec Restoration’s team of highly trained technicians uses many different types of waterproofing systems to help control water exposure. In addition to using waterproofing to...
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Structural Concrete

Cemtec Restoration specializes is the rehabilitation and preservation of structural concrete. Structural concrete is found everywhere from pools to parking structures to the sides of...
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Protective Coatings

Manufactures trained and certified application of a wide variety of resinous flooring systems to Restore, Protect and architecturally enhance concrete substrates. Project evaluation and design...
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Concrete Staining

Concrete Staining Often times concrete staining is the final touch to any system that Cemtec Restoration installs. Staining can also be an economical alternative to...
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Surface Prep.

Surface Prep. The first and most important step to installing any product, or restoring any concrete or cement structure, is properly preparing the work surface....
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